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What is YVY Project?

YvY Project is training for people who are committed to getting results. We focus on body transformation so whether your goal is to lose body fat or to put on lean muscle mass, we’ve got you covered!

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The You Vs You program simply provides you with a roadmap to reach peak performance. This is not Hogwarts, so there are no magic results here. For our program to work, you have to put in the work.
Ready to give it your all? Because we expect nothing less.

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Client Testimonials

Tina is an awesome trainer. Always happy, always positive and always challenging! I would highly recommend her, especially if you need someone who can motivate you and give you new training tips.

Glen Welham

Tina is a fantastic trainer…I’ve had the pleasure (or the pain haha 😜) of training with her for a few years & she helped me not only get into shape but also increase my cardio & overall fitness. Most importantly, my posture has been much better as a result of training.

Vivek R

I highly recommend Tina. She is amazing! I’m so happy with my results after just 3 weeks.. Tina is more than a PT but a lifestyle coach who’s helped me and my partner find a healthy routine that works for us. I’ve been so greatful for the support and guidance I’ve received.

Ashley Danielle Rowe

My wife and I trained with Tina for approximately 10 weeks. In short, Tina is NO “Pedestrian” PT ! She is goal focused – and what we were particularly impressed by was Tina’s handling of not just training sets but making sure that the diet was right too. She has an impressive knowledge of the foods (or replacement foods) required to help you reach your fitness goal. She clearly reads a lot and spends time keeping up with other leaders in fitness or medical science. Great use of technology too by providing menus and home fitness routines, all with useful links attached. And to top it off, Tina clearly practices what she preaches so there is a wealth of personal experience there. No hesitation in recommending Tina.

Stephen Wood

I am learning Calisthenics with Tina and she is an amazing trainer. She does her homework and customises the program based on my need and considering my strengths and weaknesses. Really loving working out with her. Highly recommended 🙂

Shyam Mundada

Tina was a great coach highly recommended. She knows a lot about the body and is a great motivator she helped me through a difficult time. Thanks Tina


I really enjoyed Tina’s training sessions and would recommend it to anyone who is serious about getting fit. Tina is very professional and worked with me to tailor a program which met my requirements. She also recommended some really tasty & healthy recipes which we as a family enjoy!


My husband and I love training with Tina. Since starting our sessions our lifestyles have changed dramatically for the better. Tina is hugely supportive, knowledgeable and dedicated. We feel motivated, stronger and more energetic thanks to her!

Christie Lauren

My daughter and I have been doing training for a few weeks now. We are both enjoying the sessions, there is lots of variety and we are both feeling fitter and stronger.


Tina is an amazing trainer. She goes above and beyond to make you see genuine changes in your fitness levels. Loving the training program. Highly recommended!!


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The You Vs You program simply provides you with a roadmap to reach peak performance.

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