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Best time to lose weight is when you are on a holiday. The preconditions that you need for weight-loss all stack in your favour when you are on a holiday. That is:
1. Your cortisol levels are at their lowest
2. You are not sleep deprived
3. You are exploring a new place so if you choose to you can get insane amount of accidental exercise
4. You are highly distracted exploring new places so eating less often (not less in terms of quantity) means one less thing to worry about
5. You have the liberty to listen to and act according to what your body needs. You don’t have to work so if one day you feeling a bit worn out, you can take it easy and relax rather than run on a schedule


because they treat a holiday like an all you can eat and drink challenge.

I approach my holidays in the same way I approach fine dining tasting menus, i want to try everything and appreciate everything but i don’t want to leave there not being able to breathe. Sometimes I will just have a taste and leave food on the plate just because I am not there to fill my stomach till the top and be burping those flavours for the next 5 hours, I am simply there to experience and appreciate and that’s my intention with a holiday too.

Here are some of my best trips for healthy holidays:
– Go on holidays more often. For us, that’s a little something every 3 months.
– Stay in the heart of the city and explore on foot. Ditch the wheels.
– Plan relaxing hikes without time pressure. Take a good book if you are going to end up on a beach / high lookout point and spend time taking the view in while you relax and read / chat.
– Sleep in or get to bed early.
– Stick to 1 or 2 meals with enough protein to keep your energy high.
– Allocate 1 or 2 days for moderate drinking and make these into experiences rather than all you can drink invitation. You are on a holiday and are already relaxed. You do not need a drink you relax you even further. Learn the enjoy the new city sober.
– Experience local foods without food comas (prioritise protein
– your holiday is as good as the amount of clean energy you have to explore)

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